How to Eat Stone Crab Claws


Stone Crab Claws are one of the most delicious delicacies, but the tough shell can be difficult to eat. Crabs are always served with their shells on because it is impossible to remove them during cooking.

A warm welcome to those who have just discovered this delicious treat! Still, you may be curious about the best way to eat stone crabs—worth every minute of effort required to extract the best possible meat from them. 

In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about stone crab claws, from how to prepare them, how to eat stone crab claws and why they’re served cold.

How Do You Eat Stone Crab Claws?

To some extent, how you prepare stone crab will determine how you consume it. However, this is only sometimes the case, so we’ll review some fundamental cooking techniques.

1. Boil your crab claw

It’s recommended that you should boil the stone crab claws immediately after catching the sea creature. Boil for about eight minutes, depending on size, before immersing the claw in cold water to stop the cooking process. While boiling is the most common method for preparing crab for a hot meal, steaming and baking are also viable options.

2. Let it cool-it's best served cool.

Stone crab claws are sold in a pre-cooked state. In most cases, they are served chilled, making it easier for the meat to be removed from the shell and making the flavor more refined and distinct.

3. Crack into your stone crab claw shell.

Take hold of one of the crab claws with one hand and use the other to strike the shell approximately three times. Use a wooden mallet, if possible, but a spoon does the trick.

4. Flip your stone crab claw over and hit it a further three times.

In the fourth step, you will turn your stone crab claw around and strike it three more times in rapid succession.

5. Remove the meat 

Now that your shell has been cracked and loosened up, you should be able to peel off the outer shell easily. Using your fingers, you can easily remove the meat from the inside.

6. Hold your crab claw by the pincer and dip it into a delicious sauce-we’d recommend a homemade mustard sauce.


  • Step 1: To prepare the mustard sauce, combine mayonnaise, mustard, horseradish, hot sauce, and lemon juice. 
  • Step 2: You can use a hammer or the dull side of a cleaver to break the shells off of the stone crab claws. Serve with lemon wedges and mustard sauce. 

7. Eat

Your stone crab claws are ready to eat after completing the fundamental cooking procedures outlined above. 

Tips on how to eat stone crab claws 

  • It is an important point, and we realize we glossed over it, but we wanted to keep things moving for those of you who have never cooked crab claws. 
  • As noted previously, a wooden mallet is excellent. It reduces the chance of shell fragments sticking to crab meat when cracking claws. Alternatively, use a large, heavy spoon.  
  • Hit the claw gently. You’ll destroy the flesh inside and leave shell fragments. For the cleanest crab meat, gently remove the shell.  
  • We recommend holding crab claws with a paper towel. It will improve your grip when shattering the shell, mainly when the juice flows out.  

That’s all on how to eat stone crab claws. The rigid shell of the stone crab can be challenging to eat if you need to learn how to prepare it quickly; crabs are always served with their shells since it is impossible to remove while cooking. We hope this article has been helpful in guiding you on how to eat stone crab claws, apply fundamental cooking techniques, serve stone crab claws, and when and where to buy stone crab claws. 

Tips for Cracking the Stone Crab Claws  

  • Crack the knuckles and claws gently with a mallet or the back of a large, heavy spoon. You can get by without using the hammer. The meat inside the shell is ruined because it provides too much force. 
  • When breaking the claws, use only a fair amount of effort, and then remove the shells from the meat in the claws and the meat in the knuckles.  
  • If you need a better grip on the claw when cracking, you can wrap a paper towel around it. The claw is most effective when struck from both directions. The meat will be protected while you carefully remove the shell

How to Serve Stone Crab Claws Cold 

Stone crab claws are available pre-cooked. In most cases, they are served chilled, which makes removing the meat from the shell simpler and refines and distinguishes the flavor. 

It will be much easier to eat the claws if you crack them a few hours before you plan to serve them, then put them back in the refrigerator to let the excess water drain off, and then serve them. Use a mallet or the back of a thick, heavy spoon to crack the knuckles and claws gently. 

You can prepare stone crab claws in numerous ways. It is ideal for serving stone crab cold on ice with dipping sauce, as this is the most popular and convenient preparation method. In addition, stone crab is a versatile dish that may be served either hot or cold. 

Suppose you want your stone crab to stay succulent and the water texture to be preserved; steam or boil your crabmeat. Grilling or baking the stone crab claws produces delicious and solid flesh if you prefer your crabmeat to be less liquid than usual.

Why is Stone Crab Served cold? 

Pre-cooked stone crab claws are available. They’re typically served chilled, which helps the meat readily slip out of the shell while imparting a finer, more apparent flavor. They are generally served cold on a bed of ice with a mustard dipping sauce, but they are sometimes eaten hot with drawn butter and lime juice.

What to Serve With Stone Crab Claws  

Stone crab claws go well with beer and a tasty sauce, but salad and other shellfish are also fantastic options. Typically, the ideal meal consists of a classic surf and turf salad, a shrimp cocktail ring, and a variety of fine wines and beers. 

Additionally, ensure everyone attending has the tools to get into their claws. You can discard the shells in the included bowl. 

As a sweet ending, try making a flourless chocolate cake or a handmade carrot cake. Setting everyone up for success with the stone crab requires more than just good cuisine. Good crab crackers and empty bowls for the shells should be on the table.

When is the Best Time to Buy Stone Crab? 

The 15th of October marks the beginning of the stone crab season, which lasts until May. The rest of the year is prime time for breeding. During this time, the female stone crab can mature all her eggs, guaranteeing the species’ survival in Florida’s coastal waters. Once their bodies have outgrown their shells, crabs undergo molting and shed their exoskeleton.


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